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Tagline Hysterica


A woman tells her daughter an all-too-real spooky story about an unwanted visitor.

Hysterica is a psychological horror film written and directed by Brit Tobin. Tucked deep in the suburbs of Anywhere, USA, on the eve of Halloween, Celeste tells her daughter a spooky allegorical parable featuring the "monster" that haunts her monthly.  As the thread of her daughter's vivid imagination is pulled, the monster slowly begins to make itself present in the form of nightmares, and the increasingly terrifying reality of Celeste's generational curse is manifested in plain sight. 



OFFICIAL SELECTION - Pompeywood Genre Fest (2022), Portsmouth, UK
OFFICIAL SELECTION - The Magic of Horror (2022), Richmond, VA
FINALIST - Oregon Screams Horror (2022), Portland, OR
FINALIST - Lit Scares Int'l Horror (2022), London, UK
HONORABLE MENTION - Happenstance Horror (2022), Haverhill, MA
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Upstate NY Horror Fest (2023), Rochester, NY
FINALIST - Bloody Horror Int'l (2022), Gatineau, Quebec 
RUNNER UP - Renegade Film Festival (2022), Atlanta, GA


See my interview with Mikel Fair of the Film Festival Circuit Network for a sneak peek of what's to come
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